The Steel Breaker Saga

The Steel Breaker Saga

The story of war that spanned a continent and forged a saga that will be sung throughout the history of Rhentsia.

About Shadow Tracker

Alcasia is a hunter in a small village on the edge of civilization. She hunts the most dangerous creature in all of Rhentsia, the brontar. The brontar’s hide hardens into a hard substance called brontum. In a world where steel is rare and valuable, brontum is a necessary to make tools, weapons and every day items. Hunting helps provide for her mother, sister and brother.

When the king raises taxes, Alcasia decides to risk a deeper trek into the Great Forest to seek stronger brontum, but ends up meeting a more fearsome monster … a great army clad in steel. This strange invading army brings more danger and uncertainty to her life. Alcasia now begins her battles to protect her family and keep her loved ones safe in a world at war.

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Jonathan E. Barnett

Jonathan Barnett grew up in Central Wisconsin. After high school he spent a year studying in a seminary. At the end of that year he joined the Army National Guard and completed Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He completed an undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Economics at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (UW-L). While at UW-L, Jonathan met his wife in the Concert Choir. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army and then completed Engineer Officer Basic Course at Fort Leonard Wood. Jonathan completed two tours in Southwest Asia before returning home and attending Law School at the University of Wisconsin. Jonathan returned to Central Wisconsin and lives with his wife and five children. He helps coach football, fishes, reads and travels when he can.

The Steel Breaker Saga started as a deal Jonathan made with his oldest daughter. Trying to encourage her to purpose her talents in writing, he told her he would write a book if she did. Jonathan kept at it and routinely gave her drafts of the first book to review with him. This series is his promise to his daughter.


Shadow Tracker is an engaging and exceptional book. If I were asked what my favorite part was I would say all of it. I love how Alcasia and Robyr were slowly developed through the story, and I could relate to them. All of the main characters, including Alcasia, Robyr, and Trepuk, are compelling and fascinating.”


“I’ll be sharing with my friends in hopes they read it or their kids get interested in [Alcasia’s] story also … you’ve definitely got me hooked.”